I knew that Gravity probably wouldn't live up to all the hype, but I did at least at expect a story line beyond what I saw in the trailer.

It's pretty obvious from the trailer what the basic story is, and don't expect it to get much deeper than that. I remember as the movie was wrapping up thinking, "That's it?". No details, no more in depth moments with characters...no details about anything?

Listen, if you're looking for special effects, amazing 3D and a couple of "edge of your seat" moments, you may just love this movie. If you're looking for more than that, this may be a disappointment to you, too.

I think when Bullock and Clooney are in a movie, it does raise the bar for expectations. Bullock can make any character lovable, but in this flick, she really doesn't get the chance. Of course you're rooting for her and for Clooney (who basically was limited to playing Danny Ocean in space), but short of a few brief conversations between the two, you had no real idea who these people were and how they got all the way up there together.

Bottom line, if you love special effects and cinematography, this will be a great movie for you to see. It will undoubtedly win some awards. But if you're looking for the next great Bullock or Clooney performance, this is not the one.