A stirring video is going viral, showing the aftermath of a black man bringing his white girlfriend into a barbershop in Harlem.

It was all part of the TV show 'What Would You Do?' On the show, random people going about their day are unknowingly placed in situations generally involving some sort of moral dilemma, and their reactions are filmed.

In this case, it was in the Harlem barbershop. Gabriel, a black man, Kristin, Gabriel's white girlfriend, and Rachael, a black hairdresser, are all played by actors.

Gabriel is sitting in the shop as a customer. When Kristin comes in, she becomes an open target of racism -- taunted and bullied by Rachael. What happens next is sort of incredible.

Multiple people stood up for what was right.

Countless other black customers came to Kristin's defense, calling Rachael ignorant, and telling her that was she was doing was wrong. One man, after learning it was all made up and part of the show explained why he got so upset by it, saying 'hate doesn't do anything but beget more hate.'

And the last woman? Well she was downright inspirational.

Every time one of us stands up for what's right, we move towards a more tolerant, better world. Whether someone is taunted for the color of their skin, their weight, religion, sexuality, or anything else...it just takes one person to speak up on their behalf, and possibly make a change for the better.

I can't love this video enough.

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