Zeus is not loving the shirt! (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

Anybody who knows me knows I'm pretty superstitious, especially when it comes to sports. Well, if you're a Giants fan, you have two things to be thankful for if you're happy about their win against the Saints...my superstition, and my dog Zeus.

The Giants were winning pretty comfortably whan all of a sudden the game started to turn around and all the momentum was going the Saints way, so I said to Diane, "Get Zeus' shirt."

Now Zeus isn't a big fan of wearing shirts, but this one was for the team. So Diane got the shirt, put it on him, and he wasn't thrilled. He let out a sigh, and rolled with it. And then it happened. The Giants got on a roll and won big. Guess what Zeus? You have a new shirt Sunday shirt!!