When you live at the Jersey shore, like we do, just about everything is geared toward the summer season. I spent a pretty mild winter dreaming about those hot summer days and the beach, boardwalk and my own backyard deck. So when there's a TV show I want to watch I feel a little guilty.

I'm not alone, am I? I know I can DVR them and watch them later, but frankly I don't want the committment. I want to be outside, not missing a minute of the summer. Sorry Chef Ramsay, I love you but, two new shows...starting in June??

I don't want to miss all the huge summer movies either, so I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to pray for a little rain. Actually, cancel the rain and just give me a few hours of clouds once in a while so I don't feel so bad about enjoying a movie or TV show this summer.