I swore it would never happen. But it's official. I am a Soccer Mom.

At first I tried to discourage my boys from playing sports. Mostly out of fear of them getting hurt, followed closely by the time, expense and driving required.

And that worked for a few years. All was going smoothly until Benj decided he wanted to play soccer. Since we had missed the deadline for the fall season rec league we headed over to Goodsports to sign him up for a clinic, where he'd learn skills and get in some scrimmages each week.

But then he started to really like it. And decided he wanted to join not one, but TWO winter leagues. My heart started racing. Now I was in it for more than just one pair of cleets and shin guards. Now suddenly there were clinics on Friday nights, games on Saturday nights, and games on Sunday afternoons.

The winter flew by....with me driving him everywhere and serving as his fan section on cold, hard bleachers game after game. Cringing at the injuries, embarrassing him with my cheerleading. All the while thinking it would come to an end once spring hit.

But no. We found out there is a Spring Rec League in our area.....and now off we go to Friday night practices and Saturday morning games.

After hours of trying to decipher the crazy scheduling grid, I believe I have the correct field number, team name, and calendar dates to get him where he needs to be, my lawn chair in tow.

At this rate, I'm looking at July before I can relax!