After years of taking my little boys to the park and watching other parents setting up lawn chairs to watch their kids play soccer, I have finally gotten to try it for myself!

Although Benjamin has been in clinics and indoor winter leagues, this is the first time he has joined an outdoor league (Wall Rec).

We showed up at the Wall Municipal Complex Friday evening to meet our coach (Jason, you are awesome!) , get Benj's uniform, learn the layout of the fields he'll be playing on, and then have nearly two hours of practice and 'Skillz and Drillz' (thank you Mr. Levy...Benj is so happy to have you as an insructor and not just a teacher in school, lol!)

The parents were so welcoming, the volunteers were super organized, and the kids had so much fun....running around that GIANT field (it looked so big after the smaller fields he's been playing on!) The weather was perfect and we really had a great time. We are looking forward to a wonderful spring full of soccer practices and glad I didn't have to miss out on this slice of life!

Go Yellow Strikers!