Yesterday, the sun was shining, children were riding their bikes, birds were chirping and the Jersey shore was buzzing with that beautiful day feeling that only happens around here. At least that's what I was told.

You see, I didn't get to enjoy any outdoor activities yesterday on a beautiful spring day. I spent the day inside, saying things like "aritter", 'uh ffawwn" and "weawee". That's the way you say "a little", "I'm fine" and "really?" when you have one of those dentist suction tubes in your mouth. Ih wawat uh zaalee fruuuuh. (it wasn't exactly fun). If I'm going to spend a few hours drooling, It would have been nice if a margarita was involved. 

Of course, the dentist was great and these things need to be done sometimes, but with all due respect, I'd rather have been relaxing on my sunny deck. Actually,  I would rather have been miserable on my cloudy deck. Ah wees ah caah feeeer muh wip ageh (At least I can feel my lip again).