Did you watch the controversial ending with Juan Pablo as he made his choice between Clare and Nikki...in a show that did NOT end the way many fans thought or hoped?

It felt to me during the "After the Rose" ceremony last night that there were many, many Bachelor fans that were completely disappointed in the choices that Juan Pablo made.

After watching the final episode and seeing both Clare and Nikki relate to Juan Pablo's family and daughter, it became clear to me that either of these women would have been a fine choice for him and that they both seemed to truly love him.

Then he had one final date with both women, and that's when Clare started seeing a side of Juan Pablo that she hadn't expected. She saw a man that was maybe just interested in his physical chemistry with her and felt he didn't know enough about her in other areas. But she seemed to relent, rather than letting her gut lead the way, once he seemingly reassured her that he did have feelings for her.

But in the end, those feelings weren't enough for Juan Pablo to fall in love with or propose to Clare, and he let her go. That's when we saw Clare's other side...and she got really mad and let him have it. I understand that she was hurt, but she knew how the show would go. That there were two women and the one he fell for MIGHT NOT BE HER. So I kind of see her as a sore loser, although I am in the minority on that one. It's just that had he proposed to her, she would have run right into his arms. So she might be heartbroken, but that doesn't make him a bad person. He simply didn't love her the way she wanted him to.

Now it's Nikki's turn. And the time of the show where we expect our usual ending. The I Love You's, the proposal, and the happily-ever-after. Only Juan Pablo doesn't want to do what is expected of him. He wants to live his own truth. So he tells Nikki that she is the one he chooses, and asks her to accept the final rose and see what the future holds for them once they are out of the camera's eye and can try dating as a 'normal' couple. Nikki, who is in love with Juan Pablo and had been hoping for an "I love you" from him, wraps her arms around him and agrees to see what the future holds.

This does NOT sit well with many viewers of the show, if based on the studio audience at last night's After the Rose show. Former Bachelors and audience members were MAD that Juan Pablo wasn't willing to tell Nikki he loved her just for the sake of the show. They didn't get the ending THEY wanted.

My thought on this is that Juan Pablo simply wasn't sure, and wasn't going to rush or do something that wasn't true just because that is how the show is usually done. And he does have a little girl to think about at home.

So let's just let this couple go off into the sunset and try to date like normal people in real life would. And maybe they will discover that they love each other, and maybe they won't. But leave the poor people alone and stop judging them! They are living their own truths, and Nikki needs to decide for herself how much time to devote to him until he figures out whether he is or isn't in love with her. And Juan Pablo needs to figure out if he really is ready to get married. IT ISN'T THEIR FAULT THAT THEY CHOSE NOT TO LIE ON NATIONAL TV AND PRETEND EVERYTHING WAS COMING UP ROSES.

That, of course, is just my opinion. What is yours?