I had the opportunity to visit the Oak Street School in Lakewood this past Friday during their summer camp and I had a great time!

As soon as I walked into the school I was greeted by signs on both walls in the hallway that the kids had made to greet me. I wish i could show you pictures of every single one of them but there were just too many! I want the kids to know that I loved every single one of them!

When I walked into the auditorium, the kids were ready with some really great questions. I tried to answer every one of them, and I think i did, except for the one child who wanted me to sing. I think the fact that I refused that one should be considered a public service!

So, thanks to Kathryn Bower and the wonderful staff at Oak Street School for a great job, and thanks to the kids, who were all awesome! It was a great visit. See you guys again soon!