Here is yet another study backing up the theory of why a short nap is good for you...AND those around you. Especially at work!

Experts say taking a 20 minute nap during the day, even at work, can benefit you...and everyone around you.

In fact, some businesses have gone so far as setting up "rejuvenation centers" or "nap rooms" at work. And It's starting to catch on nationwide.with employers.

One company transformed a storage closet into the office's rest center, equipped with a comfy recliner and a bamboo rug. They say it has truly increased productivity.

The sleep center at St. Barnabas Medical Center loves the idea and wishes more places would implement nap time.

Among other benefits, napping helps with your memory, says a spokesperson for St. Barnabus.

If there was a sleep room at your job, would you use it?