A bill passed by the Assembly could double the fines for those drivers who clog the left or center lanes instead of using them for passing, according to a report at nj.com.

There are few things that upset me and many Garden State drivers more than those drivers who place themselves in the left lane and set the cruise control at 50mph. It seems to me to often involve vehicles with plates from places other than New Jersey.

According to the nj.com report, if put into place, a portion of the money collected from the higher fines will go toward signs reminding people of New Jersey's "stay to the right' policy.

There is certainly enough congestion already in the Garden State and it seems pretty dangerous to have to leave the left or center lane in order to pass. And this time of year, tensions are already running high on the roads of New Jersey, so an attempt to remove some frustration from the roadways seems to me like a pretty good idea.