I was driving on Route 35 yesterday and saw the typical stuff from my fellow drivers. There was the guy who got behind the car that had the audacity to go the speed limit. This of course prompted the eye roll followed by the "palms to the sky what are you doing" hand gesture.

 Then I saw a a woman see a car trying to change lanes, so she sped up to make sure that didn't happen. After all, letting someone get in front of you would just ruin your day and cost you so much time!  But the best was at the light. It was green for about 2 seconds when car #2 beeped. Of course, car #1 didn't like that, so it didn't budge, but driver#1  did give car #2  the famous "rear view mirror dirty look" . Driver #2 beeped again, followed by the"palms to the sky what are you doing hand gesture".   Driver #1 shrugged as if to say "this is what happens when you beep". Driver #2 now decides driver #1 has earned the "lay on the horn" move followed by the hand gesture New Jersey is most famous for. Now driver #1 has no intention of moving, which is good, because the light is now red again. I may not have made the light. but at least the show was free!