Let's be honest, when we hear New Jersey made a top 5 list, we usually expect it to not be a good list. Well this time we didn't make the best or worst 5 on the list of most miserable and happiest states in America.

The study was done by Gallup using their Well-Being Index and the results, reported at msn.com,  list the most miserable states in the U.S., and the happiest as well. The research involved interviews with more than 176,000 people from all 50 states.

The results were not good news for Ohio, Alabama, and Mississippi which were fifth through third miserable states. The state that came in at number 2 was Kentucky, and the most miserable state based on the Gallup-Healthway Well Being Index was West Virginia for the fifth straight year.

The research also named the happiest states, with Montana, Minnesota and Nebraska coming in at 5-3 respectively. The second most happy state in America is South Dakota, while the happiest state according to the most recent results is North Dakota.

The scores for all 50 states ranged from 61.4 on the low end and 70.4 at the top. New Jersey came in with a score of 66.9.