New Jersey seems to have a state "everything." But what about a state drink?

I'm pleased to announce Jersey's state drink is...nothing. Seriously, we don't have a state drink. Most of the other states in the country who weren't creative enough to come up with one at least chose milk.

Our hats go off to Alabama, whose state drink is Conecuh Ridge Whiskey. There's a state that doesn't mess around!

Nebraska on the other hand calls Kool-Aid their official state beverage.



Think about it though, New Jersey has some great distinctions. Our state fruit is the blueberry.







Our state vegetable is the Jersey fresh tomato.






I don't care if our state drink is water! At the very least, we need to choose something.

What should be New Jersey's official State drink? Tell us your ideas in the "Leave a Comment" section below and click "Like" to share with your friends. It could be anything. I will email the Governor myself with the best suggestion. Let's get creative!