New Jersey was well represented at the Mets Opening Day ceremonies at CitiField yesterday. The Whiptones did an amazing National Anthem to kick off the season.

As a huge American Flag was waving across the CitiField outfield, The Whiptones were using their amazing harmonies to perform an unforgettable version of The Star Spangled Banner.

As the song came to its conclusion, the crowd roared with anticipation of a new season and an appreciation of the amazing performance. Their rendition, plus the huge American Flag, the presence of members of our military in the ceremony and the enthusiasm of the fans was enough to bring more than one tear to your eye.

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

The Whiptones are a doo wop group from Whippany consisting of four group members ranging in age from 15-17. The Whiptones got the opportunity to sing The National Anthem at CitiField for Opening Day by winning the "Mets 2014 Anthem Search"

The group is also set to perform at the "America's Got Talent" live auditions on April 5th, according to their Facebook page.