Google Trends and Estately ran hundreds of reports to see what each state in the U.S. is searching for more than any other state. You won't believe what topped the list in NJ!


Thumb wrestling. That's right. NJ searches for "thumb wrestling" more than anyone else on Google according to Estately and Google Trends.

Other queries that are popular in the Garden State include:

  • Bon Jovi
  • Britney Spears
  • Cure for Baldness
  • Girdles
  • New Jersey Jokes
  • Pantaloons (really?)
  • Six Pack Abs
  • Teletubbies

As for our neighbors, "sniffing glue" was the most searched in New York and it's all about "back shaving" in PA. I guess we didn't make out so bad!

By far the worst search comes from the Lonestar State. Texas searches "do I have Herpes?" more than any other state.