That loud sound of cheering you heard last night traveling all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties most likely originated in Colts Neck. Jacquie Lee is now in the top 5 on The Voice.

After her incredible work on this week's show, most people felt like her advancement was a foregone conclusion, but at this stage of the competition, you can never be too sure.

When I first met Jacquie when she visited the morning show, the thing that struck me was how she was taking this whole thing in stride, but that was early in the competition. The thing that strikes me now is...well...exactly the same thing. She has a lot of poise. And that's exactly what she needs at this stage.

Early on, I thought she had a chance to win the whole thing, and I actually wondered how long I would feel that way. The answer is, I still do. As a matter of fact, even with the competition at it's toughest, I believe she will thrive at this point in the show.

So congratulations to Jacquie and her family on another amazing week of this incredible journey!