It's a single lady's favorite holiday, and it may be canceled this year because of budget cuts.

No Fleet Week? Say it ain't so!

Fleet Week is the fabulous time of year around Memorial Day when Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen decked out in uniform flood the streets of NYC (and kids of all ages can go check out the ships and airshows, but whatever, that's not the good part.)

There's nothing better than a group of military hotties wandering around with no one nothing to do.

This year though, may be fleetless, because of budget cuts from the federal sequestration.


Fleet Week was set to start on May 23 this year, and I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that someone will come up with the funding so we can honor our fine servicemen (and women!) in the proper way -- by gawking, flirting, and buying them drinks.

(Sorry, Duzzy.)

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