Some of you might read that headline and think, 'Why would they waste perfectly good booze?!'

But don't be so quick to judge.

Back in May, Seaside Park police broke up a teenage house party on Farragut Avenue and found tons of empty beer cans and weed.

The worst offense of the night? They were drinking Keystone Light.

Silly kids.

Though I spent many a night in college getting wastey-faced on the Key, I've since learned that it's simply no way to go through life.

At one time, I too would have been devastated to see so much perfectly good alcohol go to waste. However, at the ripe old age of 28, I can assure you that what is in those cans is just not worth it. (Use it to clean your copper pots, or shampoo your hair with it -- it'll make it shiny, I swear!)

For drinking, spring for the good stuff: local, artisan craft beers. Or do what I do, drink Blue Moon, the training wheels of craft beer.

You'll still get arrested if you get caught drinking it underage, but at least the officers might respect you.

(Note: I'm not condoning underage drinking. Please don't send me hate mail.)
(Also note: Kids under 21 will always find a way to drink. Deal with it. I did it, and I think I turned out okay. But I'm REALLY not condoning it.)

What do you think the police should have done with the beer? Tell us in the comment section below!