An autopsy report on Old Bridge Pathmark shooter Terence Tyler shows he had a violent tattoo on his torso.

Terence Tyler (Twitter)

Tyler, who took his own life during the shooting at the Old Bridge Pathrmark supermarket in August, had a tattoo that reads "If there is a God he loves violence. It is his gift to mankind. It is truly magnificent and for this I am thankful." The last line of the tattoo reads, ""The victor has always been the one who brings the most death and destruction" according to the Star Ledger.

The report, which was released by the Middlesex County Medical Examiner after the Star Ledger threatened a lawsuit, concludes there was no drugs or alcohol in Tyler's bloodstream at the time of the shooting and that he was in good health.

Tyler killed co-workers Cristina LoBrutto and Bryan Breen during the shooting during an overnight shift at the store on Route 9 in Old Bridge. Tyler worked a shift that night and then returned, firing 16 shots.