The coroner’s report has concluded the Old Bridge supermarket shooting victims both died from a single bullet to the head and the gunman took his own life.

Terrence S. Tyler fired 16 rounds inside the Pathmark supermarket in Old Bridge, walking up and down aisles and shooting.  Victims Cristina LoBrutto, 18, and Bryan Breen, 23 were standing together when Tyler came upon them.

Audio tape released of the 911 calls show dispatchers sent police to the supermarket on Route 9 minutes after the shooting began. “There’s a female who is locked in the storage room right now, she said she’s still hearing shots being fired,” the dispatcher says according to WNBC TV.  “And my partner has somebody on the line that’s back in produce.”

Meanwhile, customers at Pathmark are remembering LoBrutto by leaving flowers at a makeshift memorial outside the store according to the Star Ledger.

The supermarket has been shuttered since the shootings occurred, and a Pathmark spokeswoman said Sunday that it was not known when the store might reopen. A vigil is scheduled in front of the store tonight organized by a friend of Breen’s.

LoBrutto will be laid to rest on Thursday at St. Ambrose Church in Old Bridge at 10AM. Visiting hours are Wednesday night from 7PM-9PM at the Michael Hegarty Funeral Home in Old Bridge.