Dr. Henry Sprance, Medical Director of the Perricone Center for Gynecological Oncology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, was on our show many times. He would take the time to come in (or we would go to the hospital for a live show that he would come on) each year to discuss breast cancer awareness and other high risk cancers for women, He would give us great advice on how to stay healthy, what screenings were important, signs of potential problems and hope for healing. Dr. Sprance treated many women in our area.

That's what makes this story so sad. Dr. Sprance, who had fought head and neck cancer not too long ago but overcame that and went back to healing others, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last March...500 feet from his office. He spent 7 weeks in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, 6 of those weeks in a coma, and had over 37 different procedures to treat his multiple injuries .

The wonderful doctors, nurses, and trauma staff at JSUMC (some of them his colleagues and friends) did a trememdous job to save his life. However, he has been left with a traumatic brain injury.

It is unlikely that Dr. Sprance will be able to practice medicine, and his family is struggling to care for him and pay for health insurance.

His body is healing but someone needs to be with him 24 hours a day. His wife is now his primary caretaker. His son left college to come home and try to help out with his dad. Dr. Sprance's employment had been terminated, his benefits are gone, and his family (they have four children) is struggling. Saddest of all...Dr. Sprance lost much of his memory of his family...heartbreaking for his children and wife.

You can help support Dr. Sprance and his family this Saturday, October 13,  with a fundraiser from 1 - 5 pm at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como (sponsored by Wall Cares, Inc.)Tickets are $35 with children under 10 admitted free, including a full Italian buffet, live band and DJ. .All proceeds will go directly to the Sprance family. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card at the door.

If you cannot attend but would like to contribute, please send
checks to “Wall Cares, Inc.” with “Sprance Family” in the memo, c/o Perricone Foundation at PO Box 1251, Wall, NJ 07719.

All donations are tax deductible.
For more information or to reserve your ticket, contact perriconecme@aol.com or
Sue McDonough @ 732-681-4985 Lynn McCabe @ 732-772-7025
Marilyn Perricone @ 732-681-7773 Linda Gaidis @ 732-280-8203