Cereal box tops. It's 2012....hasn't anyone come up with a better way?

Cereal is expensive as it is.

And then you get a box of it home from the store and have to deal with a most antiquated system of opening it.

Forget letting the kids do it. I can barely do it correctly myself.

And even when I DO manage to not tear the top, it NEVER stays closed by itself after that.

Because once you slide your finger under the cardboard and gingerly try to peel it open without ripping either side, you then have to reach inside and open the plastic bag.

Well, by the time you do that, the cereal has re-settled and now the box is bulging too much to possible get it to stay closed on it's own.

They should just sell the scotch tape with the cereal box because you need a couple of pieces to fix the rips and hold the thing closed.

Out of all the amazing things that have been invented through the years, isn't there a better way? Even Chips Ahoy and the like now have easily re-sealable packaging. Let's get going on the cereal!