I may be from New York City, but after spending so much time at the Jersey Shore, going back to the city this past weekend reminded me about some of the fun things to be discovered.

I saw this sign in Molly's Cupcakes (a finalist in Cupcake Wars on tv!) and it cracked me up. After so many people taking themselves so seriously with signs about how careful you have to be if you shop with a child in some stores, this was a really fun way to remind you of what would actually happen should you lose track of your child -- only to track him down with a caffeine high and a new pet that he wants to take home, lol!

Then there's the blackboard out front at another bakery that you just couldn't walk past without a little chuckle or two! It's a list of the top ten reasons to stop and eat a cupcake. (The number one reason, by the way, is BECAUSE YOU'RE HUNGRY!!!

And, finally, for animal lovers everywhere, why is it so darn hard to take your dog somewhere around here...yet in a city of MILLIONS you can casually park your dog on the floor with a cup of water while you dine out at a nice restaurant in the city?! Check out the picture below.LOVE THAT!