I love living at the Jersey Shore. I often find myself defending this area from the numerous stereotypes we all know and hate.

This weekend I was reminded of why these stereotypes exist.

Duzzy had some of his old college buddies stay at his place for the weekend. They are all from out of state, and so of course were ragging on Jersey as (unfortunately) all out-of-staters do.

It was all good until we walked over to the beach (Northern Sea Bright, just south of Sandy Hook). What did we discover on the beach? A water bottle full of pee, the tip to a syringe, a used feminine hygiene product, and various other pieces of trash.

Now, I'd like to think there is some way to rationalize any of that, but there's not.

I don't care if you're a local, a tourist, or the King of Spain. If you bring trash onto the beach, take it with you when you leave.

More importantly, have some sense of decency. I can understand not wanting to lug a bottle of pee around, but maybe you should understand why I don't want to SEE your bottle of pee when I'm trying to enjoy the beach.

Nine times out of 10, our beaches are beautiful and clean and represent everything we really are.

It just takes that one time to reinforce those negative stereotypes we fight so hard against.

Have you ever had a bad experience at the beach? Share your stories below!