Dear Sandy,

Who invited you. This isn't tourist season, and you don't live here. So what are you doing here? You made that nasty left turn in the Atlantic. Don't you know there are no left turns in New Jersey?

You know we're pretty tolerant of visitors to our beautiful Jersey shore, and we put up with a lot from outsiders, but you're really testing us Sandy. I'll tell you one thing...we certainly respect you and most of us even fear you. I hope you can keep that in mind during your visit to our shore.

Maybe we can make a deal. We like making deals here in the Garden State. We hope this is an offer you can't refuse. You go ahead and make your way through the place we call home, not that we can stop you. We just have one thing to ask. Let's make sure that none of our neightbors get hurt. That would mean the world to us.


The Jersey Shore