I know it may seem a little early, but nothing is more frustrating than scrambling the day before Halloween for the perfect costume. Here is my list of the top six Halloween costumes of 2012 so you can plan ahead for the best costume of 2012.

1. Batman

Batman is back! Not only as a summer blockbuster, but as one of the coolest Halloween costumes of 2012.   Not as muscular as our cape crusader? No worries Party City's Batman costume has muscles in it! So get your cape, utility belt, and practice you grizzly voice because everyone at the party will be excited for the Dark Knight's return.

Color Craziness

2. Color Craziness

A popular and easy costume trend of 2012 is bright colors everywhere! Maybe it's part of the Katy Perry take over, but bright colors are in. Show up to your Halloween party in a crazy colored wig with an outfit to match. You can even create a costume around your morphsuit. The possibilities of this trend are endless, go wild!

3. Disney's Brave Merida

Did your little girl fall in love with the newest Disney Princess? The Scottish princess, Merida, may be seen trick-or-treating around your neighborhood this Halloween. This new Disney character is one of the top trend for children's Halloween costumes this fall.

4. Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is back! Check out this Halloween trend for 2012 because this web slinging hero is coming back in action.  Your little hero will love running around the neighborhood Halloween night collecting candy and beating up the bad guys. Dad want to join in on the fun too? They have adult costumes of the Marvel Comic Superhero as well!

5. Angry Birds

Addicted to the bird slinging, pig exploding, and extremely popular game on everyone's iPhone? Go to your Halloween event as one of the characters from Angry Birds and be sure to get a bunch of laughs. This popular costume trend can be rocked solo or with a group, so start deciding now who will be the green pig!

6. Lady Dogga

Who says man's best friend cant join in on the Halloween fun? Your fashionable pup will be sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows just like Mother Monster herself in this Lady Gaga costume. Complete with  ruffle shirt, puppy wig, and sunglasses even the family dog can join in on the trick or treating  excitement!

Got another favorite Halloween costume idea for 2012? Let us know and post it in the comments!