The outdoor watering ban is lifted for some Monmouth County residents. The good news applies only to all non-New Jersey American Water customers.

However, NJAW customers must still comply with a mandatory restriction calling for a ban on all outdoor water use such as lawn, shrubs or garden watering, filling swimming pools and washing cars. New sod or newly seeded lawns and planted shrubs can be watered to an appropriate level.

The ban also encourages indoor water conservation such as refraining from using washing machines and dishwashers, limiting showering times and flushing toilets less frequently. Commercial businesses that rely on water for their operations are not subject to these restrictions.

Monmouth County Officials say because of a State of Emergency, law enforcement will continue to enforce the ban for NJAW customers.

The emergency was created by the collapse of three large water pipes June 29th at the water company’s water treatment plant at Swimming River Reservoir.