A few years ago, after the 7th death of a student by suicide at Manasquan High School, a local family began a program to help all children and young adults realize how important they are to us. Now they are offering special advice for parents on how to give your children the tools they need to make good choices, avoid peer pressure, and so much more.

Melissa and Chip Dayton are the founders of You Can NOT Be Replaced. The Dayton's have over 18 years of experience in marriage, family, and youth organizations. They are the parents of 8 children and have studied extensively substance use and abuse, grief, crisis, the developing brain, and relationship skills.

They have been inspiring and encouraging parents and students by giving simple tools to empower you to build strong relationships with your family and be proactive in prevention.

Their message includes valuable tips such as:

-- Your children learn from your actions, so choose your actions carefully since they will be modeling your behavoir.

-- Communication and honesty are key in your relationship with your children.

-- Remind your kids that nobody's perfect but that they are unique, irreplaceable, loved and precious to you.

-- Teach your kids to define their own personal success by their level of contentment, passion and purpose. This can help guard them against making destructive decisions because of the pressure of others' expectations.

-- Keep your relationship with your child strong. And don't be afraid to reach out to others for support and care...provide your child with a mentor or a person of wisdom so that they know that there is always someone they can turn to or reach out to if they need any help or advice.

Chip and Melissa also talk about the problems with social media, substance use and abuse, brain development and mental health, the best way to discipline your kids, and so much more.

If you would like to have Melissa and Chip speak at your child's school, PTO/PTA or other event, click here.