Thousands of NJ residents are now without power.

We knew this was coming.

So what to do? know my first (and best) suggestion was to hit the liquor cabinet. And of course there's Frankenstorm punch.

Let's have some fun while we ride this out, no? We've already prepared as best we can.

How to get sloshed with Sandy: (Please, drink responsibly, and feel free to use juice, milk, or water if the kiddos are bored.)

Every time you see or hear a reporter getting pummeled by water on the beach, take a drink.

Every time you see a radar picture, take a drink.

Every time you hear the word disaster, landfall, or gusts, take a drink.

If you hear 'Frankenstorm' or 'Perfect Storm', take two drinks.

If you hear 'magnitude' or 'destroyed,' take three drinks.

If you hear a window break or a tree fall on your house...chug your drink (and run like hell.)

In all seriousness, this is a huge and dangerous storm, and our only real option at this point is to ride it out and hope for the best. Stay safe!

Tell us how you are holding up and passing the time in the comment section below!