We are lucky for many things at the Jersey Shore. To me, one of the luckiest is that we are blessed with some of the most amazing first responders in the world.

I was just reading this article from my friend Tom Mongelli in the newsroom about a local police officer who's quick thinking is credited with saving a newborn baby's life in Barnegat, and I once again stood in awe at the incredibly important work these wonderful people who on a daily basis and how, for the most part, they consider it just part of a day's work.

I can't even imagine what police and all first responders see on a daily and nightly basis, and I'm not sure I want to, but I'm glad they are there to handle things for us.

Just thinking about all the things first responders must be prepared to handle is mind boggling. By nature, their task is to be prepared for everything they could imagine, and, maybe most importantly, things they could never have imagined.

So, thank you to all first responders for being the brave ones, and the courageous, quick thinking ones we turn to when we are most frightened, upset and sick. You truly make a difference in an amazing way.