I have seen some stunning and shocking moves by drivers on the roads of the great Garden State, but nothing like the maneuvers I see in supermarket parking lots. It's like we lose all common sense the minute we pull in. And by "we" I mean everybody but me.

I pulled into a supermarket parking lot the other day and simultaneously saw one driver, literally parked in the middle of the lane, not letting anyone past him on the right or left in the hopes somebody was going to leave their spot, and at the same time one lane over, saw another genius trying to back into a spot, taking literally 5 minutes to do it, never once getting the car straight, while backing up traffic in the lot far enough to spill out onto the street. Really??

That's not all though. I also saw someone trying to pull into a spot that was near a curb. She hit that curb so many times, I literally thought she was flattening it out a little.

What happens to us when we pull into those parking lots? What happens to the New Jersey courtesy we're so famous for? What happens to the common decency we show on the Parkway all the time? Fine, maybe I'm being a little sarcastic, but come on! Let's all be a little more considerate in the supermarket parking lot...and by the way, thanks to the guy who left his shopping cart in the middle of the parking spot I wanted to pull into. Don't worry buddy, I put it away for you!

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