Do you let your pet sleep in bed with you? What do a vast majority of people, and veterinary professionals say about it?

You know what happens. It's been a long day, you are exhausted, and all you want to do is head to bed, stretch out and try to get a good night's sleep. If you let your pet sleep in your bed, the stretching part may be a challenge. Wait, I worded that wrong. If your dog lets you sleep in his or her bed, stretching may be a challenge.

But for 83% of people surveyed and 75% of veterinary professionals, it's a challenge they're glad to deal with. Those percentages represent those who said they let their pets sleep in bed with them, according to

If you think that your pet in bed might affect your sleep, you're right. But it's not what you think. Over 80% of people say their pet sleeping in bed has no impact on their sleep, or actually help them sleep better (33%).

Diane and I have a 6 pound dog named Zeus, who has the amazing ability to find the spot in the bed that will make him most comfortable and give us the least "stretching out" room possible, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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