Peyton Manning has been in the headlines all this week as he looks for a new job, but who would have thought that the generous tip Peyton left a waiter would ultimately cost the waiter his! According to, here's what happened. Manning went to a restaurant in North Carolina and paid the $739 bill, which already included an 18% tip. Manning very generously added $200 to that tip.

The waiter got so excited, he posted a picture online of the receipt, violating a policy at the Angus Barn restaurant, which prides itself on a strict privacy policy for the many celebrities who dine there. The waiter was fired. The owner of the restaurant reportedly planned to contact Manning personally to apologize.

I'm a pretty generous tipper, but I'm apparently no Peyton. But who is, right? According to my calculations (which always run the risk of being ridiculously off, I'm no math whiz), if you take the 18% gratuity off the original bill, the cost of the meal was about $600. That means Peyton left about a 50% tip. I should have been a football player...or a waiter for a football player!