It's the year of weddings for Duzzy and me, as we attended our 5th of 2014 this past weekend in Rhode Island.

Luckily we were able to get a mini-vacation in on Cape Cod before the wedding, and spent a little time on a whale watching boat. The photos and videos really speak for themselves!

The video was taken on Saturday morning on the border of Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay.

The first video shows a whale named Habanero feeding on some fish. You can hear the boat's guide Joanne, giving the whale play-by-play. (I recommend watching the video full screen, as the whales weren't exactly right under my nose.)

The next video shows a different whale feeding, while her calf swims along next to her. It's neat to see how the baby whales learn from their parents, mimicking their actions sometimes and other times just splashing around and checking things out the way little kids do!

I also snapped some photos:

A whale feeding off the coast of Cape Cod. (Laurie Cataldo)

You don't realize how large these whales are until it does something like this, and you realize the people standing on that boat are about as big as the end of the tail!

A whale dives in front of a boat off Cape Cod. (Laurie Cataldo)

We also happened to be out at the same time as the Charles W. Morgan, a preserved historical ship -- the last wooden whaleship in the country. Yep, a ship that used to hunt whales, was out on a rare trip to watch the whales in their natural habitat.

I fully expected there to be pirates on board. Arrgh.

The Charles W. Morgan sails off the coast of Cape Cod. (Laurie Cataldo)

In any case, if you've never been on a whale watching trip, you should go. It's very cool! And keep your eyes peeled here at the Jersey Shore, as every now and again you'll see whales pop up along our coastline!