The witty folks over at Pixar have released a new video that will have fans searching for Easter eggs of a different kind!

Easter eggs in media are different from the brightly colored ones you make for your basket.

In movies, books, computer programs and other formats, they are secret messages, jokes, or responses that are intentionally included by the creators.

Pixar is notorious for this, and often puts Easter eggs in their films that seem to tie all of their movies together. In a new video, they send fans on a hunt for all of them, and some of them are mind-blowing!

Check out a clip:

If you're a DisneyMoviesAnywhere subscriber, you can watch the entire video to do the challenge, found HERE.

And now I want to watch Toy Story. And Finding Nemo. And...every Pixar movie ever.

Did you ever notice the Pixar Easter eggs before? Tell us your favorite Pixar movie in the comment section below!