A few weeks ago, I voiced my opinion on why banning the sale of alcohol after midnight in Point Pleasant Beach was a bad idea. Now, the businesses are fighting back.

According to The Townsquare News Network, Point Pleasant Beach bars are asking the state to block an ordinance that would force them to close beginning in July.

The town has an offer on the table to allow establishments to stay open and serve until 2 a.m. However, the offer involves a fee per patron that Martell's and Jenkinson's is calling "extortion"

Furthermore, there's a plan in place that restricts overnight parking on most streets in neighborhoods near the bars.

All of this comes from an overwhelming amount of complaints from residents who say that last summer their "quality of life" hit an all time low.

Personally, I think this ordinance is absolutely extortion and a guaranteed money maker for the town of Point Pleasant Beach. While I believe that "conditions" around the resort town may be deteriorating, residents must remember it is a resort town. Township officials need to find a solution that is fair for all.

The reason we get to enjoy everything Point Pleasant Beach has to offer is because of the many visitors we get during the summer. If this ordinance goes through, it will destroy  PPB's economy. Visitors will flee, businesses will suffer and we will all feel the hurt.


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