Antioxidants! Polyphenols! 100% Whole Grain! Eating popcorn could make you healthier....but there's a catch.

A new study confirms that the hull of popcorn has some excellent nutritional long as it's not smothered in butter, oil and salt. And as long as you're not worried about cracking a filling.

Researchers (University of Scranton) ran a lab analysis on the content in several types and brands of popcorn and found that the crunchy hull is rich in polyphenols - antioxidants that prevent damage to cells.

Polyphenols also may have disease-fighting properties. Chemistry professor Joe Vinson, the author of the study, says the hull is where the most nutritional goodies are. NOT the white fluffy part.

Polyphenols are concentrated in hulls because popcorn doesn't have a lot of water and because it is 100% whole grain. Some other foods that have polyphenols, like fruits and veggies, contain a lot more water.

So if you take all the fun out of it (no butter and salt?!!!!) I guess you can go ahead and enjoy your popcorn as a health food.