There's another massive lottery jackpot on the line as the Powerball increases for Wednesday's drawing.

It's now an estimated $350 million, with a cash value of $222.8 million.

Surely that will only climb over the next two days and everyone runs out for tickets!

Figuring you were to win the jackpot, take the cash option, and theoretically fork over half of what's left for'd have about $111 million.

Need some ideas of what you could buy with that?

  • 37 million pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches
  • 30 million gallons of milk
  • 7 million large pizzas
  • Christian Louboutin Altadamablue watersnake pumps
    Christian Louboutin
  • 2 Large ultra-long-range executive private jets
  • Keep in mind that just about every one of the options will still give you $5-$10 million to spare!

    Would be nice, wouldn't it??

    What's the biggest splurge you would make if you won a mega jackpot? Tell us in the comment section below!