At RPM Auto Salesthey are very proud of what they do at their facility at RPM Auto Sales. They see all of their customers as friends first, then they try to fill their vehicle needs as they would a friend.

They help local charities with donations that assist them to accomplish their needs to help those less fortunate. RPM is a family owned business who wants nothing more that to grow their business while making "their friends" happy in the process.

It is like a dream come true for their management and owners. They have put themselves in a great position to enjoy their work and meet new friends daily. They are truly blessed and they love to come to work every day. In fact, most of their employees come in on their days off to see how things are going and to follow up on the needs of any of their friends.

RPM Auto Sales carries only the finest in inventory. They stock vehicles from $2k to $35k so that they have something for everyone no matter what their budget. They have many banks that work with us to obtain the financing that is needed for a friend to buy the car that he or she wants. The banks that they work with appreciate RPM's diligence in stocking only the best of the best as far as inventory and has no fear in doing what is necessary to help their friends get the car or truck that they want due to RPM's quality inventory.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. Do I need to put money into a car before I trade it?
2. What if my credit is not so good?
3. How do I handle my payoff on my trade when I trade it in?
4. What if i don't like the bank you pick for me?
5. How do I get the right price on my trade in?

1.  Double check your tire pressure for extra fuel savings and safety
2. Detail your vehicle before winter hits to save the finish of your vehicle. Call RPM for a detail special for local customers.
3. Check all fluids in your current vehicle prior to winter.
4. Make sure your tires are good before you hit winters slippery roads.
5. Has the Great Recession adversely affected your credit? RPM Auto Sales can help you to get a car loan and improve your credit profile score quickly.