A stunning announcement about changes to the Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari, signals big changes ahead for the Six Flags theme parks through out the country.

That’s the word from Spokeswoman Kristine Siebeneicher following the news that the Wild Safari, as we know it, would be ending.

Siebeneicher says “the one thing that I just want to reassure everyone is that our animals will continue to stay where they are. They will be receiving the wonderful care from our veterinary team and animal husbandry staff.”

Sibeneicher says they’ll be making an announcement on August 30th about significant changes that will be taking place at all their theme parks and she believes those changes will be welcomed by the public. She says the predominant forces that guides all of their decisions are research and public feedback. “The decision to add family rides this year was a result of quite a bit of research that we did in 2011 and that was the basis for building Sky Screamer and three other family rides.”

According to a Six Flags press release, the Wild Safari has been in operation for 38 years and has hosted more than ten million drive-through visitors. Park officials say the Wild Safari in Jackson is unique to all its theme parks and the 350-acre animal sanctuary, with 1,200 animals from six continents, is described as the world’s largest drive-through safari outside of Africa.

The Wild Safari will discontinue allowing guest to drive their own vehicles through its gates after September 30th, 2012.