Have you ever noticed that every time you drive the roads of our state, it's a constant battle to get where you're going. There's traffic, construction and each other to deal with at every turn.

I was driving to work one morning this week on the Garden State Parkway and there was a car in front of me in the middle lane. He was doing about 40mph so I went to pass him, and when I did, it looked like he was busy looking for something on the passenger seat while on his cell phone. Really? On the Parkway?

But it gets better. Apparently when I passed this guy he was either embarrassed or offended or maybe just realized how little he was paying attention to the actual road, so he floored it. Are you kidding me?

This is not a rare occurrence on our roadways. Why is it that drivers in this state feel like driving is a competition? Why do we feel like we have something to prove to other drivers? It seems like we take our frustrations out on the roads, probably because we feel like there is some type of anonymity when we're behind the wheel, and that is dangerous on so many levels.

I'm certainly not above this. None of us are. Let's be honest. People do stupid things on the road and we all get angry.  But shouldn't we all resist doing something equally stupid? And for what purpose? Do we really "show him" or "show her" by reacting that way?

Here's the bottom line. We get in the car to get where we're going and then get home safely. Nothing more than that, nothing less. Let's all be careful and let's accomplish that. It's not a competition.