We're set to get rain for tomorrow night and most of the day Saturday, and while normally I'd be annoyed that my days off will be a wash-out, this time around...I'm sort of relieved.

I promise, I'm not crazy, I'm just sort of exhausted and the thing is, rainy days are kind of made for staying in and being lazy.

I don't have to feel bad about staying in on a Saturday night when I'm twenty-something and single -- "Ehhh, it's gross out, I'll just stay in." Perfectly acceptable.

Sunday? I can catch up on some sleep, get some cleaning (how does laundry NEVER END?!?!) done, and not have to feel bad about "wasting" a beautiful day.

Sure, if you have kids, it can be just as exhausting dealing with them when you can't send them out to play, but that's when movies, video games, playing dress-up, and using your good old imagination comes into the fold.

So enjoy the rain. Soak it in, if you will. This might be one of your last times to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home before the insanity that is a summer social calendar.

(And hey, maybe it'll wash some of this flippin' pollen away!!!)

Will the rainy weekend get you down? Share your thoughts below!