I went to the store Sunday morning in my shorts and flip-flops. I needed to pick some things up for a Labor Day celebration. I had to work my way past all the Halloween stuff. Something's not right about that.

What is so wrong with waiting for one holiday to end before the big push for the next one begins? Would it be terrible to put the Halloween stuff out the day after Labor Day? Would it be awful to not put the Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff out at the same time?

Everbody seems to be rushing everything. I know that Halloween stuff was out well before I ran into it this weekend, but it hurt a little more this time. I guess I was especially sensitive this weekend since I was trying to hold onto summer so desparately. But, seriously, does anybody need to stress about which Thanksgiving napkins they need to buy in September??

Anyway, I better get going. I have to pick up some Valentine's cards before they run out.