Could you add anymore drama to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey?" Apparently, yes. One member of the crew is splitting with her hubby.

New reports say Teresa Giudice is tired of playing the fool and is ready to leave Joe Giudice for good.

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An insider claims

Teresa will leave Joe regardless of the outcome of his court case

—referring to Joe's driver's license fraud case that could send him to the slammer for a long time!

But to keep up appearances, they'll play happy family until that time. Her game plan is to make nice with Joe over Thanksgiving and Christmas, dress up their girls — Gabriella, Audriana, Milania and Gia — in their finest party clothes, plaster a fake smile on her face and act as if all is well. But in reality, things couldn't be worse between them!

Apparently the table flipper is "fed up with Joe's inability to bring in a stable income and his alleged cheating" and is ready to move on.

Despite the protests from fellow Housewives and fans, Teresa appeared more than happy to play dumb to Joe's lies during the reunion.