You don't need me to tell you what Memorial Day is all about. We will all have those who made the ultimate sacrifice in our minds this weekend and especially on Monday. I did want to share a story with you about a veteran I met, though. 

For a few mornings in a row, I had seen an older gentleman on line in front of me at the coffee shop, and we had smiled at each other and said good morning. He was a really pleasant guy and had a nice thing to say to everyone. He looked liked the perfect grandpa.

We walked out of the shop at the same time one day and I held the door open for him. We walked toward our cars and he saw me looking at his licence plate. It said "Combat Wounded". His face changed. That contagious smile disappeared for a minute and he said to me, "I was one of the lucky ones."

That's what I'll be thinking about this weekend. And I'll be remembering those heroes .