It was a clear, sunny day yesterday....almost exactly the same kind of weather (and same day of the week) as on the day of the attacks. Many area residents chose to say prayers and have their moments of reflection and silence at the beach.

I took a walk down the Sea Girt boardwalk and saw benches filled with red and white flowers wrapped in blue ribbons, I saw people in tears staring out over the ocean, and then I came across this beautiful scene...shells in the shape of a flag, with the bright sun reflecting off of a shiny artistic rendering  of the towers , surrounded by flags. Many of those strolling stopped in their tracks for a moment of silence, took photos, and just sat and prayed.

It's hard to believe that such a beautiful day could hold such tragedy. And also hold such an outpouring of love.

It's strange to me to have my 6th grader come home from school and talk about what he learned about in Social Studies: terrorism. What a different world than before September 11th.

But you could truly feel the love and connection people had yesterday wherever they chose to reflect and remember.

May we all meet again someday.