As our world gets increasingly more dangerous and news headlines become more frightening each day, the bravery of those who protect us and have protected us becomes more and more meaningful. And it makes those who made the ultimate sacrifice the truest of heroes.

In many ways, the simple gathering of family and friends for barbeques or get togethers this weekend is a celebration of the very freedom the brave men and women we pay tribute to this weekend fought for. But it is certainly not enough.

I know that the great people of the Jersey Shore will be taking the time this weekend to remember those who sacrificed everything to protect us. And I want the families of those brave people to know we are thinking of them as well.

And I know we all want those who are currently serving and the families of those brave people to know that we could never truly show you how much we appreciate what you are doing to protect us.

A nation is only great if it's people are great. We are, therefore, the greatest nation on Earth, and our history is full of amazingly brave and courageous people who have put themselves between us and the people who try to take away the freedom this nation was built on.

All we can do is to very humbly say thank you and let the world know we remember.