Jesse Grant, Getty Images for MasterCard

The "personal reasons" Richie Sambora has left the Bon Jovi "Because We Can Tour" could be due to some serious friction between Richie and Jon Bon Jovi, according to

The TMZ report says that the problems have been going of for a long time now and things finally boiled over in Calgary. It also says that this has nothing to do with alcohol, that Richie is "clean now", and Sambora is hoping they can mend these fences before a Los Angeles show in two weeks. LA is Richie's hometown.

Two big stars in one band not getting along is nothing new to rock music and of course can be dated back to the Beatles. If this is what's happening, though, it's a little close to home.

We want Bon Jovi happy, because they make us happy. I think all of us at the Jersey Shore feel like this is our band. So, whatever the reason, we wish the guys all the best, and hope whatever it is that's going on works out soon.