The Rutgers Drumline was part of Jimmy Fallon's debut as host of the  "Tonight Show" on Monday night.

The Drumline, wearing their scarlet uniforms and caps with a Rutgers "R"stood stoiically on either side of U2 on the roof of 30 Rockefeller Plaza at dusk for their performance of "Invisible" raising their stick in union in front of  a small but noisy group of fans.

It's the Drumline's second time in the national spotlight in the past month and that may have helped them land the gig.

"I've been making quite a few contacts in the New York City production business, which is a very tight circle," said Smith in an email. "No doubt, last nights performance was because someone had seen us in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the Super Bowl, or maybe NFL media day."

Monday night's "Tonight Show"  was the start of the Jimmy Fallon era on the late night NBC staple.  Fallon takes over as host, following NBC's decision to sack Jay Leno. Fallon noted at the top of the monologue that he's the host, "for now."

NBC also has moved the show back to New York City. A slew of celebs welcomed Fallon, and then paid him 100 bucks for saying he would never host the Tonight Show. First to pay up was Robert De Niro. Others included Seth Rogen, Tina Fey, Mike Tyson and Lady Gaga. Fallon's first guest was Will Smith, who joked that he could never handle the pressure facing Fallon.



The Associated Press contributed to this report